The Airborne Web Site

This web site contains various useful facts, ideas, documents and links related to flying that I have collected or written over the years.

If nothing else is said, it is all in the context of non-commercial flying with light aircraft in Europe according to EASA regulations. (Note that after Brexit, the United Kingdom has initially adopted the EASA regulations as national law but over time will certainly deviate from them.)

If you are unfamiliar with EASA regulations and terms such as “part-NCO” and “AMC/GM”, I suggest you read my quick guide to EASA regulations.

I believe the material on this web site is safe and correct as I use it myself in flight. However, I assume no responsibility for it. It is up to any other user of my material to determine its correctness, safety or suitability in each particular case.

I’m happy for feedback or corrections  by e-mail. Please back up any arguments with facts and references.

Unless otherwise noted for any particular page/document, the contents of this web site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.