Some useful links

This is a list of some web sites and pages that I’ve found useful and interesting.

Social media and organisations

EuroGA – A friendly pan-European discussion forum for general aviation pilots. You will find all kinds of people from student pilots, through highly experienced private pilots and even some professionals. The discussions usually have high factual quality and the amount of knowledge in the forum is impressive. You will also find many interesting trip reports and a database with user-provided information on European airports. The forum is financed by voluntary donations and carries no advertising. Highly recommended!

PPL/IR Europe – an membership organisation for instrument rated private pilots in Europe. PPL/IR Europe runs a discussion forum, publishes training material, runs various educational and training events and functions as a lobby organisation towards authorities such as EASA.

Informative web sites

Code 7700 – One man’s experience of a life in flying, first as a US Air Force pilot, then as a bizjet pilot, neatly packaged into articles. Heavily oriented toward flight with transport category aircraft, but there are still some interesting things for every pilot.

Ditching – Ditching a light aircraft means certain death, right? Well, no. This web site uses statistics to debunk myths about ditching and also gives information on proper ditching techniques, proper survival equipment etc.

Pilot-Owner Maintenance – The pilot/owner of a light aircraft is allowed to do a fair amount of maintenance him/herself. This blog post tells the story.


E6B flight computer simulator – A circular flight computer on the web!

Luiz Monteiro’s altimetry and speed calculation page – Make all calculations of TAS, IAS, actual, pressure and density altitude, mach number etc. that you every wished.