Do-it-yourself instrument approaches

(Updated in November 2022 due to revisions of part-NCO effective October 30, 2022.) With GPS it is easy to add an instrument approach to virtually any runway. (At least as long as the obstacle situation is reasonable). Still, we have not – at least not in Sweden – seen any such approaches to airports that … Continue reading “Do-it-yourself instrument approaches”

Add-on to the DA of a CDFA?

Note: The “proposed updates” mentioned below have been decided on and will apply from October 30, 2022. I will properly update this blog post soon. When a 2D instrument approach procedure (a procedure without glidepath guidance, previously known as a “non-precision” approach or NPA) is flown using the recommended Continuous Descent Final Approach (CDFA) technique … Continue reading “Add-on to the DA of a CDFA?”